Carpet weaving has deep roots to Pakistan since ages when other civilizations too have been engaged in this business. As per the excavations of Moenjodaro and Harappa, the experts have come across things like weaving materials, which has directed toward carpets. Even during the reign of Mughal Empire, the region, which is now another country has produced some of the best and finest rugs and carpets. The modern day Pakistani carpets have great demands not just in Asia but all across the world. In fact, it’s the same story, which was seen during the Mughal’s time wherein the carpets from this region has good demands from other places of the world. Presently, you can find the hand knotted carpets and rugs, which are being made by people of Pakistan and Afghanistan. In fact, the carpet industry in this country has become the second largest industry in Pakistan. Anyway, let’s get to the point, the tips on buying these carpets, which are discussed as under:

Check the Knot: As you know knowledge is power, it is always better to check the details about the rug or Pakistani carpet before you buy it. The newbie can be fooled by a machine made carpet for having less knowledge about the same. Thus you are supposed to know a couple of things. The first thing you need to check whether the carpet is hand knotted or not. The handmade ones are more exotic and gorgeous as compared to the machine made rugs. Make sure you understand the difference in the two and consider the one. 

Check the fibre: Once you understand the difference between handmade and machine made carpets it’s time to check the fibre. One of the best ways to check this is to opt for the burn test. At times you may be denied carrying out this test on your own; however, there are dealers who can perform this for you. A pure and exotic oriental Pakistani carpet would never catch fire while its substitute would certainly to see catching up alight.

Check the Colour: Next thing you need to check is the colour of the carpet. There are chances that the carpets use artificial dyes but if you are looking out for pure and high quality carpets then make sure the colour come from the natural stuff. The natural based colours are often bight and rich in colour unlike the way you find the colour of any flower. Make sure you avoid choosing the hot colours like red like a tomato, however, if it comes out to be a colour of tulips then that can be a good choice. The synthetic dyes or artificial colours can be seen evenly whereas the natural ones tend to showcase the variance.

Now where to buy from: If you are buying online as you know how online stores are mushrooming a lot over the web landscape hence buying from these outlets could be a wise deal. However, before you buy the one from any online store, make sure you consider only the one, which comes reputed in the market. Do a research to find out one of the best online store so that you end up buying the right carpet online.

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